Course Details

Our easy and informative California state-approved courses are designed to teach you the basics of being a Notary Public and prepare you to pass the California Notary Public exam. Our course material is the same in both formats, online and live seminar, thereby allowing you to choose whichever format works best for you. We do not offer the self-study book option any longer.

Each course presents the official California Notary Public handbook in manageable study sessions and explains the legal terminology in plain language. 

Each course includes practice exercises and quizzes with both True/False and Multiple Choice questions in order to help you more fully understand the study material, retain the information you learn and successfully complete the state exam. 

Each course focuses on what is important to know for the exam, and gives examples and explanations of the practical application of notarial laws including: 

o    The different types of notarial acts and the crucial elements of each notarization

o    How to perform notarial acts and how to complete notarial certificates and journal records 

o    How to correctly identify a signer and when a Credible Witness or a Subscribing Witness is used

o    What notary fees to charge, how to prevent fraud, when to refuse to notarize and much more